Live Interview with Host Lisa Kamen, Harvesting Happiness.

April 27- wednesday 9am- 10am

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Anger, “it is not what you think it is”

Lisa Kamen will explore with Steven Shaps Marriage Family Therapist, the nature of Anger, the feelings, the thoughts, reactions as well as productive means to deal with this powerful emotion. Often the very tendency to think about our feelings, that is give meaning and  interpret them can much very stand in our  way. Our desire is to  heal and or let go of this emotional energy and often find ourselves stuck  without solution or a means to sooth the apparent pain we feel.  Of course  this can be the nature of most of our feelings and or thoughts that leads us  to take actions that are not  productive or serves us in optimum ways.

Please join us for a very live discussion

April 27, wednesday 9am -10am

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