“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere; they have lived within each other for ages.” Rumi

What you see in others has more to do with who you are than who other people are.” 
- Epictetus

How we relate to the issue is the issue,” – Dr’s Ron & Mary Hulnick University of Santa Monica, School of Spiritual Psychology.

“Am I blaming the other person because I am confused and lack understanding?”

Why do I continue to judge them and make them wrong?

“Am I really the source of my experience, including my feelings and thoughts”?

All relationships begin and end with ourselves. How we see the issue is always the issue.

Once we begin to ask these questions of ourselves from the intention to learn and a commitment to release our upsets, we set ourselves upon a course to grow and make lasting changes.

Our responses to life’s experiences are based upon conditioned values, beliefs, memories, family history, expectations, desires, and the role models we were presented with as children.

Many of our values and wants are hidden from us until we feel conflict in intimate relationship. They are in our unconscious portions of memory. Sometimes our preferences are in conflict with reality, (the way things are). In those times we can almost with certainty feel upset and be in conflict.

In fact if you are blaming the other person or yourself for the predicament you are in or are stuck, there is an excellent chance you are projecting.  All of which can be very painful if not released responsibly.

Working together we will explore the source of blame, judgment, projections, control, expectation, fear and anger.

Together we will custom design a skill set for staying present, taking responsibility & communicating effectively to produce the best results possible.

You will learn to let go of disapproving thoughts and release emotions that are coming up to be let go of.

One of the greatest values of an intimate relationship is that it brings out into the light all of the hidden parts of us. Those that are dark and those that are light.

In addition intimate relationships that make it their intention to be powerfully conscious will use these energies of light and dark to transform themselves and the ways they relate to themselves and to one another. Ultimately bringing healing and a greater capacity to love, forgive and as well being  present and mindful.

In my work with couples I use Body Mind approaches including the healing of projections, the application of self forgiveness for judgments as well as the effective use of communication, listening, perception checking, and accessing intuition.

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