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Self Knowledge is the Understanding and moment by moment knowing that perception based thoughts often leads us to misinterpret circumstances and situations   The thoughts you have, the words you speak, the feelings and subtle body sensations are in reality seeking release from ignorance and or mis understanding. In fact the very meanings and interpretations that we are used to giving them may in fact may be inaccurate and desire based. “Why repress them or keep them contained?”  Their very nature speaks to us, as a way to get our attention. Learning not to mis-interpret them is self knowledge.   Your desire to understand them sets the stage for liberation and freedom from further ignorance and suffering  For further information please contact my office at  503.913.7295,


We all become frustrated and stressed at times. When that stress leads to uncontrollable anger we are at the greatest risk to hurt ourselves and others. . We do not have to go far to see it or feel it. The physiological and mental effects can be long lasting without proper support.

How we deal with anger and stress as we experience it, is really the issue. How we relate to ourselves and others affects our mental and physical well being.

If you or a loved one is having a challenge or is seeking support to overcome angry feelings or stress please consider a consultation or contacting me.  Making a decision to support your-self   begins right now.  You are your most valuable asset.   For more information on fees and or appointments please call my office at  503.913.7295, More info


If you are experiencing chronic or continued emotional upset, or are having conflict which does not seem to go away on its own, you may be experiencing a clinical issue which requires prompt attention. These issues may include but may not be limited to anxiety, depression, or traumatic stress.  For more information on fees and appointments please call my office at  503.913.7295, 310.721-1246 More info

Is a dysfunctional pattern of living and problem solving. It is also a dysfunctional pattern in the way a person focuses their attention and where they place their priorities. It is a condition in consciousness which sometimes places greater importance on the object of attention, (the other person), then their own personal health, well-being, and economic circumstance. It is a control pattern which can motivate an individual to take extreme measures to hold on to a person or a particular behavior. “They believe they cannot live without them or the object.” They do not realize that their actions are dysfunctional; they have irrational attachments even with extreme pain and hurt.  For more information on fees and appointments please call my office at 503.913.7295, More info

My clinical orientation includes Somatic therapy and Ericksonian Clinical Hypnotherapy, Gestalt and  Relational Therapies, Mindfulness,  Meditation,  and Cognitive Behavioral approaches including  Mind/Body Healing therapies which include;  Bio-energetics, movement and breath. Individuals and Couples seeking support for communication issues, and relationships challenges are offered a unique blend of approaches to support them. For more information on fees and appointments and timing call my office directly at  503.913.7295, More info

Body-Mind therapy looks at the way consciousness affects the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the individual. Inclusive, is the affect consciousness has on the body mind connection. The many ways we interact internally and with others affect the physical body. The body mind lets us know subtly and not so subtly just how well we are doing. It may be called a feedback loop. The body stores memories on how it is treated. Much of the time our attention is focused on the outer world which limits what we are aware of.  Developing the skill to listen inwardly can assist you in being more present to the wisdom and intuition that is seeking full expression.   For more information on fees and appointments please call my office at 503.913.7295, 310.721.1246 More info

The most important relationship we have is with ourselves.   Working with couples and individuals we explore the source of blame, judgment, projection, control, expectation, fear and anger. We work on learning to be present with feelings, take responsibility and communicate responsibly.  You will learn the skill of self approval which increases self esteem and directly improves all of your relationships as well as the quality of life.   For more information on fees and appointment please call my office at 503.913.7295, More info

Somatic Counseling is the application of attention and awareness to bodily sensations, or the body mind system.   The development of  attention for the subtle body mind or  physical sensations gives rise to the practice of mindfulness affording greater inner states of calm, peace, intuition, wisdom and beingness.  Developing attentiveness and an inward focus assists in mastering the release of many emotions, feelings and energy (phenomena) that would otherwise be pushed down, ignored, and or released inappropriately. For more information on fees and appointments please call my office at 503.913.7295, 310.721.1246    More info

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