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Steven Shaps MFT “Confronting Death” (listen)

Steven Shaps MFT on Anger (listen)
Listen to a June 14, 2007 podcast interview on: The Wise Council Podcast – hosted by David Van Nuys, PhD (audio interviews on topics in mental health, wellness and counseling)

Hello Mr. Shaps
“I attended your anger mgt. class at Northridge Hospital last October and I have been all the better for it. It completely changed my life and my marital situation. I can’t believe how much better my life has become. I visited your web site yesterday hoping you had added new classes, i.e.C anger management for women, on a continuing basis.”

Dear Steven Shaps,
“Thank you for the great interview you gave Dr. David van Nuys at the podcast Wise Counsel. I wanted to let you know I very much esteem what you say about anger management; I am definitely going to take all advice to heart. But there is more. I was touched by what you describe as your approach and experience.”
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Kind Regards, ~Anne

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