Pornography -NIRVANA or BLISS? Maya the Ultimate temptress

Is Pornography the direct route to Nirvana or Bliss for you?

Many of the men who to come my busy counseling practice are dealing with too Much Nirvana-that is to say, Their desire for bliss out weighs they ability to make wise choices. So much so, that it is costing their Marriages, relationships, and it costs too much of their time, not to mention the daily cost and for some the weekly if not daily trips to the local barber shop. (Clip joint Other wise known as a Parlor of sexual pleasure.

So does Pornography provide a direct route to Nirvana or Bliss?

Yes and No

Yes the feeling or sensation of release is beyond beyondanda, the sense of freedom and wellbeing is incomprehensible and utterly delightful… Yet the cost, the eventual negative consequences overshadows the short term benefits.

Maya being the temptress of all temptress’s, the most wondrous of drugs and addictions. Because you can have Maya in an infinite number of ways, the menu is limitless. Literally Neapolitan in any which way you like.

No matter how much Nirvana you experience, there is the come down, the let down, a short lived, limited sense of euphoria that never lasts. It never lasts as one would like. If it did, there would no reason to return would there?
The services have a limitation, The highs always end in a deepening low, and the man or woman of desire believes more will return them to their blissful states.. Having a short sense of pleasure, eventually there is a let down
And wala, the stress return,s life’s red flashing lights return, “I want relief”, the motive or desire to remove life’s apparent challenges goes on and one. .

With the apparent “Stress” Maya makes her appearance in full spectral daylight. All engines are on go, Sensations are on high, literally the mind imagines the feelings, the pictures, the stimulus and without considering the consequences of one’s behavior, one is blinded by desire, a B-line is made, the shortest distance between two points is conceived … For many men the urges are uncontrollable and a return to pornography sites on web reoccur at an alarming rate.. Helpless and out of control the urges continue.

“I gotta have it now, I gotta have it now”?.

This is the addictive cycle and it does not stop there for in the not to distant future, one’s actions result in unexpected destructive consequences.

Short term gain, long term pain.

Three questions I immediately ask prospective clients:

“Do you use pornography to reduce stress”?

“How long does Nirvana-Bliss last”?

“What are you afraid of”?

There is no shame here, we are sexual beings..

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