Climb out

When we feel depressed, it often feels or looks to us like everything is bad or wrong. Nothing seems to go right and the harder we try to make things better. Often we feel like and think we are not going anywhere. We may feel helpless and that goes hand in hand with hopelessness.

Having low energy we may want to stay in bed, not do our usual routine. Finding fault or making excuses, it often seems easier not to do anything rather then take constructive action. Not caring, or thinking negatively sometimes goes hand in hand with thoughts to hurt or punish ourselves when we unable to get out and up through a fog we can barely see through.

No one is blame for this situation and invite you let go judging or making yourself wrong for having this experience if you do. That behavior makes it worse.

When an uncomfortable feelings or sensations arise, we want to know what they are and rightfully so. With each question and inquiry into the source of reason for the troubling feelings we might be left with no answer.

“What is wrong?” “Why Me?’ “Why do I feel this way?” “There must be something wrong me maybe what is it………..”

“Why do I have no energy to do the things like to do?”

And because we all like to figure things out and the very least have the right answers, we may meet more questions unanswered. Please do not fret if this is your predicament.

A continued search for the answer can trigger us to spiral deeper into the seeming pit.

All is not lost and neither are you. Believe me. .

“Have Heart, more often then not, things are not as they appear, nor as we think they are”

Should you have feelings of depression or just can’t get out of a funk, consider a call to me and I will be happy to assist you.

Steven Shaps MFT. 503.913.7295 Washington and Oregon

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