Are You Predisposed to Wait for things to change?

It is very interesting how personal style and disposition may run us.

Some people would rather get out there into the world to make things happen. Try everything possible to stay afloat in challenging times, while others would sit back & be patient.

When does the so called patient person,  run out of patience & become more aggressive in the search for work and when does the more aggressive ones finally give up?

What is the tipping point?

How does it feel to give up?

What is it like to turn  the motor on full throttle after idling for a time?

Where do you fit in the picture?

If you are lucky enough to be working and making a decent wage, are you less concerned about being laid off, or having your income reduced then the person worried that they can not find a job?

It is relative isn’t it? Or does it depend on our emotional maturity?

Are you running on fumes now?

How long can you rely on your savings if you have been fortunate enough in the past 2-3 years to have saved?

All of these questions are discussed in my counseling practice each day.  I have to look at my own situation as well.  Each week a client that used to be regular needs to cut back to one half if not pulling back entirely.

Others are dealing with extreme anxiety about what to do or  how to survive, should I walk away from my home for which I cannot afford.

Transforming ourselves from a free floating culture of haves, where security meant having money in your pocket to spend as you wish and when you wanted,  to becoming  a daily concern, and nightly anxiety attacks about  where the next dollar is going to come from.

These and other reactions are transforming our psyche, our homes, and our relationships with ourselves.

Perhaps everything is happening  as it should be.

From Consumers who consumed at will,  perhaps it is high time, we are learning to be more careful with what we have and valuing what we used to take for granted?

I would like to think so.

Has our addictions finally caught up with us?

Are we all not being forced to onto the recovery wagon?

Well I think all of us know that the answer.

All is not lost here, there is a silver lining for all situations, the question I have for you is:

Are you willing to look as well as  realize that everything is happening as it should.

We are not being punished, other then by our own faulty reactions, our childlike responses for the lack of control over a world that has never been there for us to control in the beginning.

Waking up to this truth is not easy, but we have to grow up and see the reality of our ways.

Our former behaviors  are starring at us right in the face. What comes around does come around.

Are you willing to make the emotional shift in perspective?

Steven Shaps

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