Anger Management

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How Can you release or let go of Angry feelings Safely & Effectively?

First off, Any & All reactions we may feel, or any thought that seems to take our attention off the present moment, appears to us as painful. The feelings tell us that something hurts, Thoughts & Feelings run in tandem, Learning to let the thoughts go will have a direct affect on the feelings, and letting go of the feelings will have a direct affect on thoughts.

Actually as we stop to look, that is pay attention to what is there, just watch, a very interesting thing begins to happen, the so call mind  begins to quiet, the sensations & feelings that we are tempting us to act on begin to dissolve.

We all become frustrated and stressed at times. When that stress leads to uncontrollable anger we are at the greatest risk to hurt ourselves and others. . We do not have to go far to see it or feel it. The physiological and psychological effects can be long lasting without proper support.

How we relate to ourselves and others affects our mental and physical well being. The feelings of anger have more to do with how well we approve or disapprove of ourselves and others   But particularly our relationship to wanting control, seeking approval, and feeling secure and safe.

In fact the more we attempt to figure out the reasons for being upset or angry, the more we can end up in conflict.  We all want to know how to make the pain go way. We usually blame the other person or the circumstance as being the cause.

We cannot control the way life comes to us and when we want control and do not have it, we are really out of control finding it very challenging to let go.  Truly when we do not have control over a situation or want approval or security, we really are in a lacking state of mind and are experiencing feelings that we do not want which may be challenging to dealing with.

It is very natural to be upset or to be disappointed. Yet it does not serve us to push those feelings back down to have them come back and explode when we least expect.

Intense feelings states left alone can be very unhealthy. The thoughts, the feelings, the accompanying sensations affect our mental, emotional and physiological health.

Anger, can also be an unconscious reaction to trauma that occurred at an earlier time in our lives. Some people who have experienced severe trauma establish defense mechanisms to protect themselves from further hurt. These mechanisms can be very resistant to healing unless the energy or trauma is allowed to be released or let go of.

Learning to release our emotions rather than keeping them stuffed begins with a willingness to acknowledge that we have been triggered, or are upset, and are in pain.

In my practice as a Counselor, I teach and lead seminars in Anger and Stress management. I use the skills of Somatics, Mindfulness, meditation, movement, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, breath, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

If you or a loved one is having a challenge or is seeking support to overcome angry feelings or stress please consider a consultation or contacting me.  Making a decision to support your-self   begins right now.  You are your most valuable asset.

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