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Mind Body Counseling

By Steven Shaps, MA MFT

Body-Mind, Mind-Body therapies approach the individual holistically.

What does that mean? There is not one part of the human being that is not connected to all of the other parts.

As a matter of fact all of the millions upon millions of cells that we have are all operating as a unit with the aim to attain harmony, balance and to function to consistently heal. Of course all cells of the body are connected and affected by our attitude.

In other words all aspects of consciousness affect each cell of the body. That is why it is important to have as good an attitude as possible because it affects the operation of each cell in the body.

Consciousness and unconsciousness affect the operation of the body and the way we relate to ourselves and to one another. It is all connected. “We are truly one large cell body.” There are states of awareness such as intuition, inner wisdom, and natural knowing that occur in each one of us. When we release upsetting feelings, we naturally come into a calm center, essentially bathing ourselves with peace.

Part of the challenge is to begin to let go of wanting control. Wanting control comes with “out of control feelings” which can trigger us into more pronounced states of upset, anger, anxiety, fear and aggression. Particularly when do not get what we want. When we let go and breathe our bodies can release.

Mind-Body, Body-Mind therapies approach the complete human in terms of functioning.

Learning new skills such as mindfulness, attention, and being present with the sensations of the body, a shift can occur. The shift allows things to move in and out naturally. As opposed to ridding ourselves of the pain, we can allow the energy of pain to dissolve and dissipate. To get rid of anything implies judgment which adds to any resistance present.

Body-Mind therapy looks at the way consciousness affects the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the individual. Inclusive, is the affect consciousness has on the body mind connection. The many ways we interact with ourselves and others affect the physical body.

The Body Mind lets us know subtly and not so subtly just how well we are doing. It may be called a feedback loop. The body stores memories and it remembers how it is treated. Most of the time we are not aware that this operation is taking place inside of us.

Developing a new awareness and understanding of its nature is critical.

The Body-Mind therapist approaches the individual by having an understanding and expertise in many clinical approaches, Mindfulness, Breath, Movement, Meditation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Somatics, Gestalt, Emotional release, EMDR, Guided Imagery, self psychology, Psychodynamics’ and Cognitive behavioral therapy.

In my work we learn to say yes to the sensations, the feelings, and to the resistance which we would otherwise, reject, judge a bad or wrong, repress, or push down which will come out in appropriate ways.

By learning to master the release of the body felt emotions, and becoming aware that these sensations, feelings and energy states are part of who we are, we can begin to approve of them and a process of letting go will give way to healing and a greater degree of well being.

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