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Psychotherapy means many different things to people. More often then not, there is a belief that there must be something terribly wrong with us to seek assistance with common challenges that face each one of us on a daily basis.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

We live in a society that gives us the constant message that we must succeed at all costs in order, be in control, approved of,  find security and  have our dreams fulfilled.

Unfortunately No matter how much we have or want, the moment we acquire our dream come true, the sense of happiness does not last long.  Happiness and or  fulfillment is short lasting, and then we begin to seek for another something with the intent it make us happy for the rest of our lives.

Often we are met with many challenges that are unexpected or we think that only the  other person gets those but it will never happen to me.

Unfortunately for us, we are not control of circumstances and situations that occur, though we do have the ability and skill to have powerful, productive relationships with ourselves as situations arise.

My perspective on counseling is to simplify the process by  developing a mutual relationship of trust, and present skills and tools that best fits individuals own unique situation or style.

Obviously the goal is obtain the best possible results.

Often within the first hour of working together the client can expect  a sense of relaxation and a quieting of the mind so they will have a better understanding about the nature of the counseling relationship, the goals, tools and outcome that can be most helpful.

While most people tend to want to control their feelings, that is change or get rid of their thoughts, feelings or uncomfortable sensations, my aim is to support the client in welcoming the tendencies that arise in experience  and learning to let them go.

Somatic sensations and bodily feelings accompany intense thoughts and we learn to acknowledge what is presently experienced as opposed to burying intense affect.

While the intensity of feelings & thoughts heighten initially, clients learn that they can ameliorate many intense feelings  by observing and developing a empathetic relationship with them and for them.

Learning  to experience what is there as an opportunity as opposed to a pit fall often supports people in letting go of content that would otherwise cause more pain and hurt.

Client’s report  a  quieting of thoughts and a lessening of somatic body sensations.  This means  a deeper sense of well being,  and access to their natural wisdom & intuition already present.

Please understand our natural ability, is to let go and release emotional content, yet we are often blocked when resistance, judgment, and disapproval is present in the absence of resources or skills that are available to us. ,

Having skills available as a resource is much like having a drop down menu on a computer to access anytime we are met with a challenge.

While Most people’s attention is spent on identifying with their thoughts and feelings, one can learn to let go needing to give meaning or interpreting to them. By dropping the conditioned behavior to interpret every feeling and thoughts the client can let them go rapidly. Emotional stuckness, or resistance seems to dissolve.

As a client learns to welcome former tendencies, that is, to not deny them,  or  running off to soothe destructively, former urges are met with acceptance, compassion, and empathy.

All we really want is relief and soothing for the feelings, thoughts, sensations, situations, and experiences we believe are causing us stress and hurt.

There is nothing wrong or right about what an individual experiences. Yet the tendency to define, judge, and interpret emotional hurt negatively  usually keeps us stuck often making things worse when we act out destructive behaviors.

Welcoming and letting go of the interpretive meanings becomes a natural process to quiet the mind and body to liberate and free us to move on.

My approach to psychotherapy is to simplify &  assist individuals to rediscover their natural resources  which are already there.

My aim is  to assist you with re-establishing a relationship that embraces, thoughts, feelings, sounds, sensations &  pictures that are often referred to as phenomena that arise unexpectedly and  meet them with skills that function to  support the individual where ever they are along a continuum of relief. ,

Should you or someone close needs support or assistance please consider a consultation.

I can be reached in Washington and Oregon 503.913.7295 424.294.8889

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